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All Consulting’s staff includes about 60 professionals such as building surveyors, technical experts, architects, engineers, economics or law graduates, available throughout the country (please see our locations).

Our company is a quite innovative enterprise: until recently claims were assigned to single expert trustees working in small size professional offices.

We are steadily growing and in order to strengthen our business we are constantly looking for new professionals in the following areas:

  • Turin 
  • Asti e Cuneo
  • Novara
  • Rome
  • Arona/Biella

Modus operandi is supervised team work, by a Senior Coordinator

Technical High School Diploma, University Degree

What we offer
A training program which will enable the candidate to qualify as Loss Adjuster with reference to Damage Claims (excl. road accidents) and subsequently to grow professionally within the company. Service provision contract and profitable remuneration.

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