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Risk analysis


RISK ENGINEERING for a better understanding of severity and complexity in Claim Management.

Our engineers and technicians have achieved extensive experience attending specific courses in Italy and abroad as well as "experiencing in the field", through inspections on industrial and commercial sites.

Risk Engineering deals with risk analysis related to the following claims: Property - Fire, Theft, Technological, Business Interruption - as well as different liabilities (Product Liability for instance).

As far as Fire Risk assessment (currently the most required) is concerned, we are able to comply with Italian (UNI,CEI) or North-American (NFPA, Factory Mutual) technical regulation, according to the specifics.

Following each assignment, two different reports may be issued :

  • Inspection Report, a ‘risk picture’ which shows the risk main features (passive and active prevention, hazard areas, organisation) and a customised assessment scheme;
  • Prevention Report, pointing out safety measures to be implemented following the accident, in order to reach a relevant Loss Prevention level.